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December,27th 2017

Top 3 Most Viewed Posts of 2017

SYLO launched the SYLO Blog in June 2017 with the announcement of our third-party measurement standard for influencer marketing, and since that month have seen a 149% growth in views of our blog posts. Below, we’ve pulled together recaps and links to the most read SYLO blog posts of 2017all of which can give tips for your 2018 influencer marketing strategies!

1. Influencer Marketing in Desperate Need of Verification and Transparency

Digital marketing is under major scrutiny these days. CEOs of major international corporations (P&G, Unilever, Bank of America) are threatening to pull their marketing dollars if companies and platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and, to an extent, Google) don’t solve their reporting and measurement problems. Marketers are tired of spending their budget dollars without the safety net that is independent third-party verification and measurement, which builds trust and establishes credibility. This carries over into influencer marketing, which has massive potential but is sorely lacking when it comes to verification and measurement. Read more by clicking here!

2. Can Anyone be a Social Influencer?

Technology is enabling anyone and everyone to declare herself or himself an “influencer.” On the one hand, any of us can be an influencer in the most literal sense: co-workers, friends, family, acquaintances, strangers, and pets can influence our decisions and views all day long, whether it be in-person or online. On the other hand, in the realm of influencer marketing, brand marketers should be focusing on “creators” rather than just “influencers” – and if they’re going to use these two words synonymously – then no, not everyone can be an “influencer”. Read more by clicking here!

3. Is Influencer Marketing Still Experimental?

Answer: If you’re activating your first few campaigns then yes, it’s experimental. However, the costs will balloon up quickly, making its ‘experimental’ status unsustainable in the long run. That’s why it’s important to plug influencer marketing into your core marketing mix as soon as possible. Treat it as you would any other media you purchase so it can be evaluated equally against contributes to your overall goals. Integrating influencer marketing into your core marketing strategy and benchmarking it against past practices allows you to see its effectiveness in relation to everything else you’re doing. It also gives you an opportunity to measure the impact that influencer marketing is having on your other marketing mediums – what it boosts and by how much. Read more by clicking here!

The SYLO Team wishes all of our readers the happiest of holidays and much success in influencer marketing and beyond in 2018!


Image source: Pixabay


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