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April,6th 2021

The Different Types of Social Media Influencers and How Can Brands Use Them

There is no denying the fact that social media plays a significant role in our lives. Thus, it has become a reason why a social media influencer marketing agency is so much crucial for brands to reach new audiences. In the last five years, a lot of brands collaborated with different social media influencers in different mediums to create awareness. Influencer marketing is no longer an ancillary marketing tactic. It has grown to be a $5-$10-billion-dollar industry.

Brands these days are making 5X times more revenue than they spend on working with influencers. Yes, of course, that happens when you find the right social media influencer marketing agency to work with. The first challenge is to find the right influencer. Identifying the best influencers will help you get the best results out of your influencer marketing campaigns. Here is where you need the help of a social media influencer marketing agency.

That’s exactly where Sylo – your preferred social media influencer marketing agency, comes in. These days, you would come across a myriad of social media influencers with thousands of followers, likes, and comments. However, not every influencer will be an authentic content creator. Also, not every influencer will be relevant to your brand. Did you know that there are five different types of influencers to choose from? In the following section of the blog, we are going to share the different types of influencers and when brands can use them for their benefit.

Different Types of Influencers

The Five Different Types of Influencers

1. Nano Influencers

The nano influencers have 1K-10K followers on the social media channels. They have a high engagement rate. In fact, nano influencers have the highest engagement rate amongst all influencer types, rating at 8.8%. The content they create is highly authentic and customized for the audience. Also, nano influencers are highly vocal about the brands and the products that they love.

When Should You Use A Nano-Influencer?

If you are a small or mid-sized business with a limited marketing budget, then a professional social media influencer marketing will suggest that the best bet is to choose nano influencers. They are the most cost-effective option to get started with influencer marketing. Nano influencers are also a great choice when you have to test a product launch or experiment with your products/services in a new niche. Instagram is a great place to find nano influencers. Some nano influencers might not even charge brands since they are building their own following and partnership with the brand.

2. Micro Influencers

Micro influencers have a following between 10k-100K. Yes, even though they have got a large following, still, micro influencers are considered to be more relatable. They have an engaged audience. At this level, any influencer tends to have a specialization in a certain niche. Brands consider micro-influencers to be more effective when it comes to trust and engagement.

Contacting a social media influencer marketing agency is a great option to connect with your target audience. Did you know that 82% of social media users are more likely to buy a product if it is suggested by a micro-influencer? Remember that the content from micro-influencers might be a little less polished but they are more authentic than contents from the macro or mega influencers.

When to Choose Micro Influencers?

Micro influencers are more useful when you are ready to generate more focused leads. Micro influencers tend to have a close relationship with their followers like the nano influencers. They are more specialized and this is why their audience is primed to hear/check the marketing messages in that niche. You can find micro-influencers using hashtags that relate to your brand.

3. Macro Influencers

Macro influencers have an audience size between 500,000 and 1 million. A social media influencer marketing agency considers macro-influencers to be celebrities, TV personalities, thought leaders, or athletes. Since they are capable of leveraging their reputation to increase followers on social media, as a brand, you can expect a substantial amount of price.

Yes, it is not as hefty as the mega influencers. Brands will get a lot of exposure and reach with these macro influencers. However, they may not get the engagement that they want. This is because of the follower ratio. Did you know that for Instagram influencers with more than 10 million followers, the engagement rate is only 1.6%?

When Should You Choose Macro Influencers?

It is important to remember that the macro-influencer content is much more professional-looking compared to micro or nano influencers. Thus, some brands might find them better for their goals and audiences. Macro influencers usually develop their audience over a period of months or years while nurturing relationships with their followers.

Macro influencers are perfect for creating awareness of the brands, products, and services. Brands can use the relationship of the macro influencers with their followers to increase their own engagement and boost the reach of the brand. A social media influencer marketing agency will only suggest a macro influencer with a healthy number of followers because they can help in reaching a larger audience and increase the reputation of the brand.

Choose Macro Influencers

4. Mega Influencers

Mega influencers are the ones with more than a million followers. They are highly visible on social media platforms because of the celebrity status. They are highly active where their audience spends time and they garner a lot of engagement as well. This is why a social media influencer marketing agency suggests so many brands to connect with mega influencers. Also, this is what makes the mega influencers super expensive as well.

When Should You Choose Mega Influencers?

Mega influencers have incredible reach but with the increase in the total follower count, the engagement rate decreases. It is important to understand that the audiences who are attracted by the mega influencers are broad. If you are on a brand awareness campaign that has a large budget, mega influencers can get your products in front of a wide array of audiences. This is great if your brand appeals to different segments of audiences.

5. Mid-Tier Influencers

The mid-tier influencers fall between macro and micro influencers. They may not have celebrity status, but they are still a powerful group of content creators who are trusted by their audiences. Their audience range between 50K-500K and this type of influencer offer brands with a wider reach and better engagement than macro or mega influencers. They offer polished content but not out-of-touch,

Thus, it ensures the authenticity and familiarity of every post. It is important to remember that instead of leveraging the quick fame to get to the top, the mid-tier influencers have spent quite a long time climbing up the ranks from nano to mid-tier influencers. They are highly experienced in creating content and much more connected to their niche audience. Thus, a lot of times, a social media influencer marketing agency will connect you with relevant mid-tier influencers.

What are the different types of social media influencers based on niche or content?


There are times when you need social media influencers in a certain niche. The following are the influencers based on the niches that you can use for the next marketing campaign.

1. Gamers

The gaming influencers live-stream their games on different platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Gamers can garner millions of followers that are looking to improve their gameplay and also learn more about their gaming. Most of the time their niche revolves around gaming products and game brands, but gaming influencers can also be useful for brands representing automobiles, clothing, shoes, snacks, and beverages.

Their sub-niches include:

  • Game reviews
  • Tutorials
  • In-Game walkthroughs
  • Montages
  • Team matchups
  • Challenges
  • Game types

2. Sports

Fitness and sports influencers are a source of motivation for their followers. Sports brands, food and drink brands related to the health and wellness industry can use them. Their sub-niches include

  • Yoga
  • Weight lifting
  • Running
  • CrossFit
  • Weight loss programs
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • and more…

3. Vloggers/Bloggers

Bloggers or vloggers are the most popular category of influencers. They are mostly mega and macro-influencers because they tend to have a large follower count on their YouTube channels or blogs. They create high-quality content to keep their followers engaged. Also, they have SEO on their side and they can usually offer high-quality backlinks and a good amount of referral traffic through different videos and blog posts. A professional social media influencer marketing agency will connect you with relevant bloggers because they can help in building brand awareness, generate website traffic and enhance sales.

popular category of influencers

4. Photographers

The photography influencers can come into the category of mega to micro influencers. Since they tend to be chosen by major names in the video-making brands, photoshoots, promote filming objects like cameras, lenses, and other various accessories. These are some of the best content creators around.

5. Travel

Travel influencers can offer a lot. For instance, they can offer travel tips, tricks, and hacks. You get to know a lot about different places. Travel and tourism brands can use them for promoting their services. You can also get good recommendations on different places to eat and stay for your travel. The different niches of travel influencers can be broken down into categories like places to visit, gear, how-tos, and more.

6. Beauty and Fashion

A huge number of consumers follow fashion and beauty influencers because of the beauty tips, product reviews, how-to’s, suggestions on jewelry, clothing, shoes, watches, and different other accessories. These influencers can increase their brand awareness, promote different products and increase sales. Also, they work directly with fashion brands.

Wrapping Up


As you see, there are different types of influencers that you can use for promoting your products, increase brand engagement, exposure, conversion, and sales. Depending on your niche, branding, and budget, you will find the best influencer for you. Sylo is a performance-based social media influencer marketing agency that helps you to identify the most relevant, authentic, and best-performing content creators for your brand niche. With a cutting-edge influencer evaluation tool, we analyze the organic deliverables of the influencers so that you don’t fall for the fake ‘numbers’ of fake influencers.

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