July,31st 2020

These Sylo-Certified Influencers are Your Best Bet for Attracting New Millennials to your Brand

Are you using Sylo-Certified influencers for your marketing campaigns? Sylo certification represents the risks and investment worthiness of an influencer’s channel. This accreditation is used together with a channel’s performance and benchmarks to assess their potential return on investment. 

Sylo-certified influencers are those that are thoroughly vetted for, and determined to be free of any purchased follower or engagement activity. Sylo sees these influencers as likely to exceed contractual performance obligations. In fact, Sylo Certified influencers deliver 5.5x higher impression rates, 4.6x higher reach rates, and 2.7x higher engagement rates! Plus, when brands exclusively use certified influencers, they will immediately cut back on waste and see an increase in ROI

Now, let’s take a look at four Sylo-certified influencers:

Jared Smith

Jared Smith is a fitness and travel influencer who has close to 85,000 followers. But as we know so well here at Sylo, it’s not about how many followers you have but how many of those followers are really engaged with your brand. Jared averages 75 comments per post, and some posts even get more than 200 comments! The best part? These are all real people who are genuinely interested in what Jared has to say. In fact, his engagement rate is above 5%, which is very high! That means if you work with him as a brand, you can reach a wider audience and gain more attention. Of course, that also means you have a better chance of selling more of your products or services! What’s more, because his performance is of high enough quality to be certified, Jared has been able to secure some amazing brand deals like working with Glenn Close for May Mental Health Awareness Month as part of their #nonormal campaign. 

Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips is a Sylo-certified lifestyle influencer who reaches an average of 50% of his followers with his posts, which is far above the norm! Tom has a recent branded post with Roku, and since Tom uses Sylo he can share his authenticated data with them. This means he can independently verify the increased ROI he brought to the campaign, and establish himself as a reliable partner. Sylo invites any prospective influencer, like Tom, to grant us access to share their metrics with you. From there, we arm you with the information you need to allocate your budget as effectively as possible. Since Tom was able to use Sylo to prove his value and show that his 10,000 followers were real and engaged, he was also able to negotiate better compensation.

Angel Elo 

Angel Elo’s Instagram is all about motherhood and business – two things she’s an expert in. As a smart mama and business woman, she knew becoming Sylo-certified was the best way to monetize her profile and secure amazing brand deals with high-profile names like Shark, Briar Baby, and Gathre. Unfortunately, more than 50% of influencers reach less than 25% of their followers on a typical post. Without access to the necessary information, you are at risk of paying for audiences that you will never reach. But that’s not the case when you work with Angel or any of our Sylo-certified partners. We give you the verified channel metrics you need to provide you the transparency to determine rates more effectively. Another win-win for all parties involved!

Johnny Youssef

Not only does Johnny Youssef have a beautiful Instagram feed, but this home realtor, investor, renovator and designer is another shining example of Sylo-certification. Both Johnny and his partners saw ROI on their campaigns. Jonny was able to partner with design companies and hardware stores that made it easier for him to design his dream home. These partners like West Lake Ace Hardware, Murals Your Way, Crystorama, and BIC benefited from the exposure and credibility Johnny brought to the deal. As you can see, Sylo’s campaign measurement and optimization helps marketers determine the efficiency of spend and gain insights into future investment and budget allocations using real-time, continuously verified data. 

Are you ready to work with Sylo-certified influencers and start seeing a real return on your influencer marketing campaigns? Then contact Sylo today, and let’s work together to narrow the gap between campaign investment and impact with trusted, certified influencers!   


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