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October,5th 2017

Influencer Marketing in the Core Marketing Mix

By Erick Schwab, COO and Co-Founder at SYLO

This is part two of our series on how brands can integrate influencer campaigns into their marketing mix and measure for success. Click here to check out last week’s post on whether influencer marketing is still in the experimental phase.

Last week, I discussed how influencer marketing needs to move past the experimental stage, and find its way into brands’ core marketing mixes. So how can brands go about this? Instead of constantly ‘experimenting’ with influencer marketing, do something different—dig in deeper to find the real value it can bring to your brand. The first question you need to answer is WHY you’re doing influencer marketing at all. Establish goals, define KPI’s, and make sure that they align with other marketing tactics you’re spending money on.

Social media is the natural home of influencer campaigns but brands often neglect to plug it in and connect it to their overarching marketing goal to see how it’s performing in relation to everything else. Instead of just using social media influencer campaigns to get exposure and engagement, think of ways to extend them to reap more benefits. For example, you could get creators to work behind the scenes to foster new relationships for your brand. Or, you could connect your influencer campaigns with TV ads and radio and billboard campaigns to increase impact and put out a coherent, uniform message across a variety of different channels.

Another point of consideration is SEO. While it is considered ‘below the line’ marketing, it can still benefit from the ‘above the line’ activities. Partnering up with ‘micro’ influencers (bloggers, reviewers) can expose your content to different audiences, plus your link diversity gets a significant boost, which will eventually affect your SERP rankings.

This Is How Porsche Does It
Porsche’s recent campaigns demonstrate the true power of integrating influencers with other tactics at their disposal by taking on a challenging goal – changing the perception of sports cars from something that’s for men that are going through a midlife crisis to something that’s cool, young, and vibrant. They ended up organizing pop-up events in iconic US locations and using social media creators to deliver both buzz and a sense of urgency. Curated content was delivered to smartphones using geo-targeting and Instagram and Snap stories allowed the audience to get behind the scenes. These impromptu races were then broadcasted over radio and listeners were directed to web pages where they could find out what other Porsche events were taking place nearby.

As you can see, Porsche went all out, understanding that good influencer campaigns connect with everything else; when done properly, they can amplify the message and give other marketing tactics (placement, paid media, SEO, PR) a boost that they need.

Measure Everything And Replicate Success

Integrating influencer marketing and making it a part of your other marketing activities allows you to connect campaigns and see how they can benefit from each other. Since they are all working towards one overarching goal, it’s a shame not to use their synergistic interaction to your benefit.

These integrations also give you context and allow you to compare influencer marketing with other mediums in order to gauge its true value. Measuring these integrated campaigns and comparing them to what was done in the past will light up where to focus in the future in order to improve ROI. Keep the integrations that are working and keep experimenting with the others until you get what you’re after.

Benefits of influencer marketing can sometimes feel hard to grasp but they are there. The way to reap them is to partner up with someone who can show you the real value of influencer marketing through metrics and data. Only then can you build effective influencer marketing strategies that will help you achieve your goals. SYLO can provide you with those metrics so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Photo credit: Pixabay


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