October,11th 2017

Four Key Creator Takeaways from Buffer Festival

SYLO’s Erick Schwab and Curtis Davey attended Buffer Festival in Toronto a couple of weeks back and got a chance to present at industry day, as well as catch up with the brand and creator attendees. While they were there, David Beebe, Marriott’s former VP of Global Creative and Content Marketing, sat down with Erick to discuss the why any brand utilizing influencer marketing should have verified, independent measurement.

Below you can view the video of this interview, followed by Team SYLO’s key takeaways from their conversations at Buffer Festival Toronto.

Key Takeaways from Buffer Festival

1. There is a Measurement Problem

Creators are starting to recognize that there is a real problem around influencer campaigns measurement/reporting to the brands they are collaborating with, and agreed that the industry needs its “Nielsen Ratings” system in order to continuing scaling to new levels.

2. Creators Talk to Each Other

Creators talk a lot amongst themselves. Don’t try to get away with anything unfair or word will get out (i.e. discriminatory pricing). Also, if brands want to do business with creators, it’s important to show them that you respect their creativity when forming the partnership. This can be done by reviewing and understanding their content and their style.

3. Rising Above the Noise

Creators understand that there is a lot of noise out there these days. They need to stay relevant and make good decisions in order to rise above it. Their audience is with them but they need help to continue reaching new audiences.

After all, telling stories that can reach the masses has never been easier – previous generations’ barriers for entry are gone. Anyone with a mobile phone, passion, and Internet access can break into the scene.

4. Authenticity. Authenticity. Authenticity.

Authenticity is the biggest buzzword in influencer marketing currently. But how do you measure or determine what’s authentic to a creator? Categorization of their content is one way to get a better understanding of the topics that the creators touch on and how well they resonate with their audience.

Have you had these same conversations? SYLO’s extensive third-party data reporting and categorization capabilities are providing the independent measurement and benchmarks that the influencer marketing space needs. Find out more at

Image source: Pixabay


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