Find Out How Much Instagrammers Can Earn in Just 1 Post

Have you thought about how much Instagrammers can earn? Chances are you’ve seen products or businesses being endorsed by someone you follow. Now, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Are they getting paid for this?” “How much?” These influencers have created a digital empire by taking a few high-quality photos to promote the latest trend. The reason this has turned into a job is due to their influx of social engagement‍. A good Instagrammer has reach and influence figured out, which are two things many companies have trouble with. Reach and influence are what creates the opportunity for Instagram creators to explore multiple streams of potential revenue. So let’s take a look at how much Instagrammers can earn and how you can boost your income:

How Many Followers Do You Need to Earn Money on Instagram?

Typically, you’ll need at least 10,000 followers to start becoming an influencer. Some brands pay between $5 to $10 per one thousand followers, while others offer $100 for every 1000 followers you have. According to USA Today, an influencer with 10,000 to 50,000 active fans can make up to a few thousand dollars per post and Instagram influencers with approximately 1 million followers can make up to $10,000 per post! Of course, there are even some influencers with over 1 million followers who charge $100,000 or more per post. However, here’s the real secret to making money: engagement.

For a long time, brands and companies would only look at follower count. Their thinking was the more followers an influencer had the more eyes would see their products or services. However, that led to a massive uptick in influencer fraud. Influencer fraud is when influencers pay for fake followers. It’s very easy and very cheap to pay for bot accounts to inflate your follower count. But fake followers will never buy products or services because they aren’t real people! This resulted in a lot of ad spend waste for companies and brands who never saw an ROI on their influencer marketing campaigns. In fact, Influencer fraud accounted for $1.3 billion of wasted ad spend in 2018 alone!

Now, people are beginning to understand that it’s not only about the number of followers you have but about how many real people actually like and comment on your posts and engage with your Instagram account. How much Instagrammers can earn is based on active engagement. With an engaged audience, the more likelihood there is for a brand or business to get in front of the real people they want and see an ROI. If you have an engaged audience in a specific niche, that’s when you can start to see some real revenue from being an influencer.

How Can You Prove Engagement?

This is a great question and one that Sylo can answer! Sylo partners with brands, agencies, and influencers to provide the only independent data verification, fraud detection, and performance analytics solution. We certify the value of quality influencers and allow marketers to avoid purchased and unengaged audiences to see an increase in ROI. Sylo prevents fraudulent influencers from taking work and driving prices down!

We always use authenticated and verified data because authentication is the only way to collect accurate and complete influencer data. With authenticated data, influencers voluntarily provide transparent access to their information, which also provides the only way to judge their audience’s quality effectively! When you use Sylo for independent vetting and verification, it’s easy to prove your audience engagement levels! In turn, this makes it easier to charge what you’re worth and help your brand sponsorships avoid ad spend waste and see an ROI!

How Can You Negotiate Better Rates?

Building a loyal and engaged audience in a specific niche is the best way to negotiate better rates. Brands are happy to pay for results! So prove your results to them with Sylo. When you become Sylo-certified, it will help you elevate your brand and secure more deals. Our verified performance benchmarks will help you negotiate better rates by proving the quality of your Instagram account. Plus, we help you save time with automated reporting, and you have access to Sylo’s experts for any monetization or diagnostic questions you may have.

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Whether you’re thinking of becoming an influencer or you’ve already started to make some money off Instagram, contact Sylo today! We can help you verify audience authenticity and performance measured through ongoing observation of interaction, demographics, and growth. When you become Sylo-Certified, you’ll differentiate your brand from the crowd and secure bigger, better brand partnerships! 

Here are the Top 3 Keys You Need to Know to Avoid Ad Spend Waste in Influencer Marketing

You’ve decided you want to reach consumers in a way that can’t be ignored. You’re tired of selling through the boring, typical online advertisements. Instead, you want to influence your target market on the channels they love and visit often. Chances are you’ve already run at least one or two influencer marketing campaigns, but you just haven’t seen the ROI you hoped for. You’re not alone!

Ad spend waste is a serious problem that affects most of the industry! Unfortunately, self-regulation and a lack of proper standards in the influencer marketing industry have led to poor campaign performance and downright fraud. Many brands continue to waste their investments on influencers with subpar performance and/or purchased followers and engagements.

Luckily, when you work with Sylo, that doesn’t have to be the case! So read on to learn about the top three keys to avoiding ad spend waste and how Sylo makes it easy to do so: 

Avoid Ad Spend Waste with Vetting & Verification

One of the top reasons ad spend waste occurs is due to poor data quality. Many all-in-one influencer marketing platforms use scraped data. Scraping data means extracting data from social platforms without API access or influencer consent.

Scraping is against the terms and conditions, it’s non-consensual, incomplete and inaccurate by as much as 129%! Instead, use authenticated, verified data! Authentication is the only means of collecting accurate, complete influencer data.

When influencers voluntarily provide transparent access to this data, they also provide the only way to effectively judge the quality of their audience! When you use independent vetting and verification, you’ll easily avoid ad spend waste because you’ll have access to accurate and transparent campaign metrics that allow for the best ROI modelling and optimization. 

You Need to Use Reach Over Follower Count

Ad spend waste

Did you know that nearly half of influencers reach less than 25% of their followers? Unfortunately, influencer compensation is usually negotiated based on follower count. Many people believe more followers equal more customers. However, when you consider the low rates of reach, and the fact that many influencers pay for fake followers to inflate their follower counts, it becomes clear that this is not the case. Fake followers will never be customers!

The issue of fake followers and concentrating too much on follower count instead of reach significantly contribute to ad spend waste! When you only use follower count to determine rates, you are not factoring in performance. Of course, lower performance equals a lower return on investment. Shockingly, Sylo found that there was up to 60% higher costs per follower reached on low performing channels! We help you avoid ad spend waste by certifying the value of quality influencers and enabling you to avoid accounts with purchased and unengaged audiences.

Snapshots Do Not Identify Fraud

Another way that brands lose money with influencer marketing is because they do not use the proper tools to identify fraud. Although many platforms claim to address the issue of influencer fraud, at Sylo we still see approximately 20% of influencers inflating their metrics with purchased bots. Inorganic activity is well hidden, and can not be detected by scraped data or infrequent data snapshots! Instead, identifying and avoiding fraud in your influencer programs requires:

1. High frequency, always-on data collection to produce adequately detailed data sets.

2. Dedicated analysis that can detect multiple forms of fraud as they happen.

3. Notification systems that alert you of fraud in real-time.

Of course, this is precisely what Sylo offers! We protect your investment with the most sophisticated fraud detection on the market. 


These three keys will revolutionize your influencer marketing campaigns and make sure you see a return on your investment! It’s imperative to avoid influencers that have purchased their metrics and shift your budgets to high-performing influencers that will drive ROI in your campaigns. You also need to accurately assess the impact of your influencer partners, how they are changing consumer behavior, and if they are driving sales lift. Sylo makes it easy to do by giving you access to the highest quality dataset in the industry.

When you work with us, you can reduce your risk of ad spend waste at every step of the vetting process, verify the quality of your influencers’ reach, and ensure pricing is commensurate with performance! So join us in creating standards that guide influencer selection and the hiring processes and start making informed business decisions! Book your demo with Sylo today.

Fake Followers Aren’t the Only Problem with Influencer Marketing, but Sylo is Helping – Here’s How:

Did you know that, according to the Economic Times, “influencer marketing is coming up as the fastest-growing category in India’s digital advertising space, for advertisers like PepsiCo, Under Armour, Lava, Sugar Cosmetics and upGrad, among others?” 

In fact, companies in the fashion, automobile, and travel industry have increased their influencer marketing budgets by 20%-30% due to not being able to do regular ad shoots because of COVID-19. 

Nevertheless, the increasing popularity of the influencer marketing industry does not detract from the issues this industry faces as a direct result of a lack of standard industry practices and regulations. These issues include weak pricing and measurement standards, a scarcity of contracts, obsessive focus on reach instead of impact, and a lack of vetting influencers for fraud. Fortunately, Sylo is working hard to solve all of these issues with one easy to use solution! So read on to find out more. 

Sylo Can Solve Pricing Issues in Influencer Marketing

Without proper pricing standards, both creators and brands get burnt. On one hand, brands could overpay a creator resulting in ad spend waste and no return on investment. On the other hand, creators could undercharge what they’re worth or spend more time negotiating the price than creating content. 

Luckily, Sylo is designed to provide the highest quality dataset in the industry. Our software allows you to reduce your risk of ad spend waste at every step of the vetting process and effectively increase your ROI. Sylo will verify the quality of your influencers’ reach to ensure pricing is commensurate with performance! That’s because sylo certification distills millions of data points and insights to convey the investment worthiness of an influencer channel.

What’s more, creators who are Sylo-certified are more likely to exceed contractual performance obligations with a consistent, engaged, and authentic audience. As a creator, you can use verified performance benchmarks from Sylo to negotiate better rates! 

Sylo Moves Away from Obsessive Focus on Reach

Influencer Marketing

How many followers an influencer has isn’t a good indication of how effective they will be in an influencer marketing campaign. One of the most prevalent issues in the influencer marketing industry is the use of bot accounts and paid-for followers. Many influencers will buy their audience, so even if it seems like they have 50,0000 followers, many of those accounts might be fake people who will never engage with your brand or buy your products and services. Instead, it’s more important to focus on quality and higher engagement. 

But how do you know the quality or actual engagement rate of an influencer? The answer is Sylo! Sylo collects thousands of data points on each influencer channel and post, powering unmatched analytics that has been refined through years of observation and testing. We’ve found that Sylo-certified influencers have 5.5x higher impression rates than non-certified influencers, as well as 4.6x higher reach rates and 2.7x higher engagement rates.

Sylo Vets Influencers for Fraud

As we mentioned above, many influencers have been caught paying for fake followers. For instance, the Times Group published a story reported by the Mumbai Mirror about rapper-singer Badshah (Aditya Sisodia). The police are investigating Badshah for allegedly paying money to obtain fake followers and likes to promote his music. Of course, paying for bogus accounts is fraud. These creators know that these accounts will never buy from any brand, but they’re still charging good money to reach fake people. Influencer fraud accounted for $1.3 billion of wasted ad spend in 2018 alone! That’s precisely why Sylo was created. We want to help brands maximize their ROI and stop falling victim to fraud. Our industry-leading fraud detection protects you from paying for fake followers and bot engagement. Sylo uses high-frequency, always-on data collection and sophisticated analytical methods to identify the multiple forms of fraud taking place in the market today. Other solutions on the market fall short for several reasons:

  • They don’t have access to authenticated data.
  • Their data is not granular enough.
  • They lack the sophisticated analytical tools to detect robotic activity. 

Sylo offers the premier solution to reducing ROI risk to influencer fraud in the market.

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If you’re looking to get in on the ever-increasing popularity of influencer marketing, you need to book your demo with Sylo today! When done right, influencer marketing is a fantastic way to reach a wider audience, connect with your current market, and build a trusted brand reputation. There’s no reason your influencer marketing campaign needs to lose money or be exposed to fraud when you work with Sylo! Our sophisticated software has gone through four years of rigours observation and testing to identify and avoid the multiple forms of influencer fraud used today. Plus, the process is easy – we’ll invite prospective influencers to grant us access to share their metrics with you. From there, we will arm you with the information you need to allocate your budget as effectively as possible. So get started now.

Fake Followers on my Instagram Account – Does it Really Matter Long Term?

Instagram launched in 2010 and has soared in growth and popularity since its inception! Now influencers are more popular than ever on the social media platform, and many brands want to engage in influencer marketing campaigns. However, one issue we continually see here at Sylo is inorganic follower growth and engagement acquisition on Instagram. Fake accounts are computer-based or bot accounts, which means no human is behind the likes and comments these accounts leave. 

Every Instagram account has some low level of fake accounts following them and engaging with their content. However, when an influencer purchases these followers, it pollutes the data, making it impossible to separate the real humans from the fake bots. Unfortunately, many brands view followers and engagement rate as the most crucial metrics, so there is a lot of motivation to inflate the numbers to show a big following that is highly engaged and significant growth. Furthermore, there isn’t much repercussion, and it’s not expensive to buy fake accounts. 

Brands and companies are paying influencers to get real humans to learn about their products and buy from them. So, if an influencer uses fake followers, then a brand or company will see zero return on investment! That’s why we’ve developed Sylo Certified, which can tell if an influencer has currently or in the past purchased followers! Of course, fake followers on your Instagram account really matter long term! Here are more reasons why:

Fake Followers Cloud True Reach

Reach is how many people see an Influencers post on Instagram. For example, if you post a photo and 100 people see it, then your reach for that post is 100. However, as a brand or company looking to partner with an influencer, you need to understand that follower count alone is not helpful in making influencer hiring decisions. It’s better to have 1000 real people who genuinely like, follow, and interact with an influencer’s account than having 10,000 people who aren’t in your target audience and will never engage or buy your product. Plus, a higher follower count doesn’t even necessarily mean more reach! 

Unfortunately, Instagram can’t always tell which accounts are fake, so they include these accounts in the number of people reached. If you’re looking to pay an influencer to market your products, then fake followers will cloud true reach. As an influencer, it’s also a bad idea to buy fake accounts because a brand will quickly realize they don’t see a return on investment, and it will hurt your reputation.  

Fake Followers Hurt Engagement Rates 

Did you know bot accounts can actually engage with content? Bots can like and comment on posts, just like real people. But unlike real people, bots will never purchase your product or service! If an influencer decides to buy fake followers, then authentic engagement rates go straight down. One way to tell if an engagement rate is false is to look for likes-to-follower or likes-to-comment ratios. If these ratios are too high, it can be a sign that an influencer is buying likes and comments, and the engagement rate is false. 

Fake Followers Spam Your Fans 

Not only do fake followers on your Instagram account hurt your reputation and make it impossible to secure high-paying brand deals, but they also ruin things for your real followers. Fake bot accounts can spam your real followers and even harm them! For example, data security company Imperva conducted a bot report, and found that 28.9% of bots can crack passwords or carry viruses! Yikes! 

Fake Followers Will Get Your Account Shut Down 

In 2018, Instagram started cracking down on fake followers. They began removing inauthentic likes, followers, and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to boost their popularity. If you’re caught using fake followers, Instagram can shadowban your account, which means the platform will partially block your content, so only users who follow you can see it. This will really hurt your real follower count and make it difficult to reach new people. 

You also run the risk of having your account banned entirely. If Instagram bans your account, they will permanently block your username, so you can’t recreate that account! Imagine spending time building a brand only to get that account shut down forever and never being able to use the name again? It’s not worth it! Plus, in the most severe cases, Instagram can even restrict your IP address from accessing Instagram all together.

Use Sylo to Vet Out Influencers with Inorganic Followers

Whether you’re an influencer looking to secure higher-paying deals or a brand who wants to make sure they partner with the most authentic influencer, Sylo is for you! Purchased activity on influencer accounts is well hidden and often takes place over short periods. Today’s tools are ineffective at protecting from the sophisticated forms of influencer fraud that are taking place. Sylo uses high-frequency, always-on data collection and advanced analytical methods to identify the multiple types of fraud in the market today. Sylo can detect bot activity that other solutions on the market can’t! So book your demo today and start using Sylo, the premier solution to maximize your ROI and reduce the risk of influencer fraud!

The Instagram Data Brand Marketers Are Missing – Monitor these 5 Metrics to Improve Influencer Selections

Did you know that according to a survey conducted by Facebook people said that they perceive brands on Instagram as popular (78%), creative (77%), entertaining (76%) and relevant (74%)? While many brands partner with influencers on Instagram, Sylo data has found that marketers are unable to effectively determine the quality of influencer audiences, and their ROI has suffered as a result. If you want your influencer marketing campaign to work, then you need verified data monitoring to set accurate KPIs and interpet Instagram data. With that in mind, here are 5 metrics you should be keeping track of to improve your influencer selection:

Follower Growth Rate

If you keep track of the follower growth rate, it’s easier to see which influencer is doing better than their competitors. For example, one influencer might have less followers because their account is newer, but when you track follower growth rate, you will see that they could be gaining traction much faster than their competition. 

The follower growth rate is calculated as the number of followers gained divided by the number of followers started with, times 100% (for a specific period).

The follower growth rate calculation is:

Follower Growth Rate = New Followers / Starting Follower Count x 100%

For instance, if influencer A has 1000 followers to start and gains 100 followers in a month, they’re follower growth rate is 10%.

Now let’s say influencer B has started with 10,000 followers and gains 100. They’ve only seen a follower growth rate of 1%.

Both influencers saw the same number of raw followers in a month. Although it looks like influencer B has more followers overall, it’s influencer A that is more successful when it comes to attracting new followers!

Some influencers use Giveaways to artificially inflate this metric, and will often subsequently delete the posts to hide the evidence. Fortunately, Sylo can see this type of activity because we retain all post data even if the influencer deletes them.

Instagram Impressions 

Impressions measure the number of times users saw your post or ad. This metric doesn’t take into account unique users, which means if your post or ad is shown 150 times to one person, it would technically count as 150 impressions. It’s best when both reach and impressions are high, but you want the number of impressions to be higher than your reach. Why? Because it’s a sign that your followers have viewed your content multiple times. When people see your post or ad more than once, they start to become familiar with your brand, so even if people aren’t in the market for what you’re selling right now, their awareness of your brand might lead them to purchase in the future.

However, it’s important to note that platforms often estimate impressions because they aren’t publicly available. To get the real number of impressions on Instagram, it requires authentication. In fact, Sylo highlights a case study on our website that cites how a platform over-reported impressions on a campaign by 631%! That goes to show that only independent, direct access to your verified campaign data guarantees that your brand receives what was paid for.

Story Engagement Rate 

How do you calculate story engagement rate? Good Question! Although there are no likes, comments, or saves on Instagram Stories, you can measure interactions such as swipe ups, replies, tap backs, and tap forwards to figure out the engagement rate.

Swipe ups are available to influencers with 10K followers or more. Once an influencer has unlocked the swipe up feature, they can add a link to your product or website so users can swipe up on the story and be taken to your landing page. Instagram Story analytics will track the number of times someone has swiped up on a story, which is key to understanding what content is best for driving traffic to your website. Approximately 15 to 25% of Instagram users will swipe up on a story.

Another great way to measure Instagram story engagement is by tracking how many users reply to your story. Instagram is about creating a community, so it’s essential to have conversations with your audience. That’s why influencer marketing is so successful because they encourage more people to tap the reply button and send a message! 

Also, how many people tapped backward is a good indication of story engagement. When people tap backward, it often means that your story was interesting, so they wanted to watch it again! If you see too many taps forward, it could mean that your story is boring, has too much text, or maybe you have too many stories posted. 

For a full breakdown, we love this guide from Social Media Examiner. 

Audience Composition

Instagram Insights will let you know about an influencer’s audience composition. That means you can track crucial stats about followers, such as age range, gender, and location. This is important because you don’t want to select an influencer who has 100,000 followers if none of those followers match your target audience. Once you have the data about an influencer’s audience composition, you can combine it with your buyer personas to help gain a clear picture of what your Instagram target audience should be. 


When it comes to Instagram, your reach tells you how many unique viewers saw your story or post, while impressions let you know how many times each viewer saw your story or post. For example, if one person viewed your story three times, you would see a reach of one and an impression of three. Typically, the longer an influencer is on Instagram and the more followers they get, the more reach they gain. 

Besides total reach, you also want to monitor the reach rate. This is the percentage of followers that see your post, and it’s calculated by dividing the total reach of a post by the total number of followers. For instance, if you have 300 reach and 1000 followers, your reach rate is 30%. According to a study conducted by Sylo, close to 90 percent of influencers reach less than half of their audience; while more than 50

percent of influencers reach less than 25 percent of their audience. 

Sylo is Here to Help

Keeping track of vital data for your influencer marketing campaign doesn’t have to be hard. When you use Sylo, not only do you get Campaign Data Verification & Benchmarks, but you also get Vetting & Fraud Detection! Sylo provides access to the most accurate and comprehensive dataset in the industry, allowing you to optimize every step of your influencer programs and maximize ROI. With Sylo, you get authenticated data that delivers precise influencer audience and performance metrics and removes the guesswork from influencer partner selections and campaign measurement. So if you’re looking to reduce risk, avoid waste, and increase ROI, contact Sylo today!