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SYLO Featured in The National’s Article on Fake Followers
The National has just published an article diving into how influencer marketing space can tackle fake followers and grow as a
SYLO Featured in The New York Times!
As a follow-up to The Follower Factory article that was published in February 2018, The New York Times just released
January,18th 2018
Influencer Marketing’s Big News Day
Thursday, January 11th, was a big day in news for the influencer marketing space. From Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm changes to
December,27th 2017
Top 3 Most Viewed Posts of 2017
SYLO launched the SYLO Blog in June 2017 with the announcement of our third-party measurement standard for influencer marketing, and
Top 8 Insights for Influencer Marketing Heading into 2018
By Brett Garfinkel and Erick Schwab, Co-founders of SYLO With 2017 coming to a close, the SYLO team pulled together
How the Influencer Marketing “Bubble” Won’t Burst
By Brett Garfinkel, CEO and Co-Founder at SYLO When winning and executing any type of campaign, a key thought process for media
November,9th 2017
What is the SYLO Score?
You asked; we delivered. Introducing SYLO's brand new explainer video to help you understand what the SYLO Score is: why
Influencer Marketing in Desperate Need of Verification and Transparency
By Brett Garfinkel, CEO and Co-Founder at SYLO Influencer marketing is an industry open to everyone. Much like the Wild West
July,13th 2017
Can Anyone be a Social Influencer?
By Erick Schwab, COO and Co-Founder at SYLO I recently read a Fashionista article which presented a comprehensive review of the
June,28th 2017
Advertisers Already Know How to Tackle Influencer Marketing Measurement
By Erick Schwab, COO & Co-Founder at SYLO What is happening now with influencer marketing is a tale as old