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August,7th 2020
Here’s Why Self Regulation Isn’t Working for Influencer Marketing
Have you heard of the movie Dark Waters? It's a dramatic story about the legal case against DuPont's chemical manufacturing
July,24th 2020
Revolutionize Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns with Soapbox Influence and Sylo
Have you participated in a brand lift study? If so, have you outlined your objectives and how your campaign could
July,17th 2020
Here’s What You Need to Know to Reduce Ad Spend Waste In Your Influencer Marketing Campaign
Wasted ad spend is a significant problem in the marketing industry, especially in influencer marketing! Why? Because influencer compensation is
July,3rd 2020
Here’s How You Can Start Making Influencer Marketing Accountable and Why You Should!
India's Ministry of Information Technology has banned 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok, after receiving several complaints from many sources about
Study: Instagram’s “New Posts” Affecting Creators?
On March 22, 2018, Instagram announced that they were introducing a New Posts button to make posts in the timeline
SYLO Featured in The New York Times!
As a follow-up to The Follower Factory article that was published in February 2018, The New York Times just released
Five Tips for Your Social Content Strategy
SYLO conducted a study on 4,334 pieces of branded influencer content, and the themes which were present in each piece
February,14th 2018
Giving Brands & CMOs Exactly What They Want: Verified Influencer Marketing Data
This is the fourth and final video in David Beebe's series featuring SYLO's CEO Brett Garfinkel, discussing how the biggest
Four Tips for Creators in 2018
After conducting countless analyses on campaigns, and conversations with creators, talent managers, vendors, brands and agencies, the SYLO team has
December,27th 2017
Top 3 Most Viewed Posts of 2017
SYLO launched the SYLO Blog in June 2017 with the announcement of our third-party measurement standard for influencer marketing, and