August,30th 2017
Social Platforms Vy to be the Go-To Destination for Content Creators
By Erick Schwab, COO and Co-Founder at SYLO Although Instagram and YouTube remain pack leaders when it comes to influencer
July,25th 2017
SYLO Reviewed by Influencer Marketing Hub
Originally posted on Influencer Marketing Hub After the influencer marketing rush of 2016, a lot of companies that had thrown
July,13th 2017
Can Anyone be a Social Influencer?
By Erick Schwab, COO and Co-Founder at SYLO I recently read a Fashionista article which presented a comprehensive review of the
July,5th 2017
Measuring Influence – VidCon Remains the Epicenter of Influencer and Advertising Conferences
By Curtis Michael Davey, Director of Talent Partnerships at SYLO If ever there was a time and place to measure
June,28th 2017
Advertisers Already Know How to Tackle Influencer Marketing Measurement
By Erick Schwab, COO & Co-Founder at SYLO What is happening now with influencer marketing is a tale as old
June,13th 2017
SYLO Empowers Influencer Marketing Industry with Third-Party Measurement
What Nielsen is for TV and comScore for Website Traffic, SYLO is Influencer Marketing's standardized campaign measurement NEW YORK, June


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