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April,19th 2021

Affiliate Influencer Marketing Agency – Power Up Your Marketing Game

Influencer marketing is here to stay. A plethora of companies has realized the benefits of using Instagram influencers. Let’s face it. Traditional marketing will not get you very far. It just doesn’t cut it. That’s exactly why you have to switch gears to see what works and what doesn’t. Here is where an affiliate influencer marketing agency comes in.

At present, a lot of brands are tapping into people who are trusted by the younger demographics – these are the influencers. Influencers are changing the digital marketing game and this leads to affiliate marketing. In this blog, we are going to share how influencers can boost your affiliate marketing strategy and why you should opt for an affiliate influencer marketing agency.

How did the old affiliate marketing work? 

Before we talk about how modern affiliate influencer marketing has changed, let us share in brief how the old way of affiliate marketing.

Previously, most of the affiliates were bloggers or publishers. Even after a few years of social media came into our lives, most of the brand affiliates were traditional bloggers or media publishers. They promoted their own websites or reviewed a brand. Mostly, you would find product demonstrations, reviews, or walk-throughs.

Also, most of the affiliates would not even stick to a single brand. Yes, we are not saying that only one brand is the best. That would cause a monopoly market. However, back in those days, most bloggers or publishers would want to monetize their content. The focus was to broaden their membership with multiple affiliate programs to enhance the chance of getting more referral fees. Thus, no single brand would become their ‘top’ choice.

The traditional influencer marketing strategies have become old and outmoded. The reason is the use of inaccurate and scraped data sets that poorly identify influencers. Thus, the desired campaign results are not achieved.

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How does the new influencer marketing works?

 Good influencers will work on building trust for his/her followers

Yes, it is true that the ‘old way of affiliate influencer marketing is still alive. A lot of publishers also make a good income from those traditional techniques. However, the old way of affiliate marketing doesn’t generate high returns for the brands because those strategies don’t highlight the strengths that the influencers bring to the table.

You must have heard about the fact that 92% of people trust influencers more than they trust celebrities. The reason is, if you tap the right influencer, you will get higher brand engagement because influencers have a community built on trust. Now, not every influencer will be the right choice for your brand. There are influencers with fake followers and engagement that are simply bought with money.

So how do you know which one is the right influencer for you? That’s where an affiliate influencer marketing agency comes in. Remember that authentic content creators will never recommend products that they don’t use. Their audiences are aware of that. This is why influencers can be one of the best ambassadors for your brands. Being true fans of your brand, the influencers will recommend your products/services more times than any average consumer or a traditional publisher.

 Influencers offer testimonials, Call-to-actions and demonstrations all at once

The primary reason why an affiliate influencer marketing agency suggests modern-day influencers is because they can make compelling affiliates. Since influencers are content creators, the focus remains to deliver good content for the followers. Thus, a lot of influencers use a combination of personal testimonials, demonstrations, and call-to-action to highlight the brand.

Followers of the influencers can see how the products are used, how they will benefit them, and also what the influencer thinks about the product. Thus, the influencers are helping the audience to go through a complete sales funnel, right from the consideration stage to the purchase point. The difference is, they will do it in a very authentic and personal way.

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How can you make influencers affiliates?

  1. Ensure they are not promoting your competitor

This is the first thing that an affiliate influencer marketing agency will make sure for you before you choose any influencer. Yes, there are some brands that work with the same influencers, especially the brands related to the beauty and fashion industries. However, it is better that your chosen influencer-affiliate promotes solely your brand.

Also, take note of how they are talking about your competition. Are they offering referral codes or affiliate links of other brands? If not, then you can offer a free trial or a sample of your product just to check if they are ready to switch to your brand. Now, know this, there are a lot of influencers with ‘ghost’ followers. This is where you will need an affiliate influencer marketing agency to segregate the authentic influencers from the fake ones.

  1. Launch co-branded landing pages with influencer

This is a great way for a brand to promote its products/services with an influencer and create an affiliate connection. You can create a co-branding page that mentions the influencers to give them an exclusive feel. Depending on the agreement you have with the influencer, you can either host the landing page of the website or you can ask the influencer to host it on their website if they have one.

  1. Creating a collateral that the influencer can use in their actions

Here is where you shall need a thorough content audit of the potential influencer affiliate to check what kind of content they post. This is again where an affiliate influencer marketing agency will come in handy. There are a lot of influencers that have a variety of channels like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

If you get an opportunity to offer any relevant content types like short screen recordings of any app demo, flat lays, and send them to the influencers. They will appreciate a few readymade posts as long as it fits their style of content and is not overly branded. Also, offer the space to your influencers to inject their own brand while they are promoting your product. However, when they have a pre-made material that suits their style, it offers them an easier option.

  1. Offer them an exclusive affiliate rate

For the high-quality influencers with a large number of followers, you can offer them a special increased referral rate, exclusively for them. For instance, if your usual referral rate is 30% you can offer certain influencers a higher rate of 35% or 40%. Also, when you propose the partnership to your preferred influencer-affiliate, make sure that they know about the exclusive rate is just for them. This indicates that you are serious about the partnership.

How can an affiliate influencer marketing agency help your business?

There are a lot of ways an affiliate influencer marketing agency can help you in growing your business. Firstly, they work with a wide array of clients from different industries. Thus, they possess a wealth of knowledge. They have the keys to complicated topics like attribution, incrementality, and also the value of individual influencers. In a lot of cases, they can help you with their knowledge about your direct competitors.

An affiliate influencer marketing agency has access to a wide array of content creators and social media influencers. Also, they have unique partnerships with different influencers relevant to your niche. Thus, it helps them to strategize clear and detailed influencer marketing solutions that are specific to your business requirements.

Another important factor is since they work with a plethora of affiliates and content creators, they can negotiate lower or more favorable commissions than you finding the influencer. That is not all. The successful affiliate marketing agencies also have the tools and software needed to measure the KPI’s as well.

Understanding the key performance indicators is vital for the overall success of an affiliate campaign. When you choose a professional affiliate influencer marketing agency, you will get their help of monitoring the performance of the content that the influencer has created for you. A good agency also offers diverse marketing strategies for managing the existing campaigns or develop new strategies to bring more business.

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What should you look for when hiring an affiliate influencer marketing agency?

First of all, the affiliate influencer marketing agency must have had worked with other clients in your niche. They must understand your audience. Check the clients they have worked with. Do you recognize the brands? Are they your competitors? It is important for the agency to have a track record of other brands and businesses they have worked with, whose focus aligns with your own.

Make sure that the affiliate influencer marketing agency has your business goals in mind. There are certain agencies that measure success by delivering X% growth per month. There are others that measure success by getting you a certain amount of dollars per month. It is for you to decide how you want to measure your own growth and then choose an affiliate influencer marketing agency with a similar mindset.

Finally (this is very important), you have to make sure that they can offer your desired level of analytics and communication. This indicates how much time they can dedicate to your account. There are some agencies that dedicate one account manager to your company, while others might assign a complete team to your account only. Before you choose which affiliate influencer marketing agency to hire, think about how much time your account is going to get.

Why Sylo is your best option to evaluate influencer marketing campaigns?

When it comes to evaluating the authenticity of influencers and monitoring influencer marketing campaigns, Sylo is your best bet. Why? There is a myriad of reasons for it.

First of all, we are a performance-based influencer marketing agency. This means we deliver real-time data and insights on influencer performances based on their content and engagement. Thus, we help you choose the best influencers for your brand. Sylo’s influencer marketing approach comes with high frequency, always-on verified data collection.

With Sylo’s certified influencer marketplace, we identify the top-performing influencer. Thus, we help clients/brands obtain optimal results by partnering with authentic content creators where the content performance and target audience have been scientifically validated.

Sylo applies a custom-developed performance indicator algorithm. It helps in allocating the paid media expenditure for the top-performing content, thereby increasing media efficiency.

Processing real-time data, Sylo manages paid media campaigns that are designed to achieve the KPI’s of your campaign. Sylo monitors your business goals and offers the optimization insights that drive the campaign performance and effectively delivers the highest ROAS.

Sylo ensures verified metrics to evaluate the campaign impact. When you ask an affiliate influencer marketing agency about the reporting of impressions and reach, they must offer API + authentication. If they don’t offer you this, then you are getting bad data. We only collect verified data on the influencer’s accounts for monitoring all the activity and evaluate every performance to optimize the influencer marketing campaign results for our customers.


Now that you know the Do’s and Don’ts’ before choosing an affiliate influencer marketing agency, we hope it will be easier for you to hire one for you. Remember that different agencies will have their own tactics to amplify the top-performing content. Check their previous work and the results they have delivered to the previous clients. The end goal should always be to turn the “number” of clicks, impressions, and engagement into revenue and not only to mesmerize the clients. When you work with a professional affiliate influencer marketing agency, you will get the necessary help needed to increase ROI from the influencer marketing campaigns.


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