October,19th 2017

3 Tips for Developing Long-Term Creator Relationships

By Erick Schwab, COO and Co-Founder at SYLO

As more and more brands are depending on influencer marketing to reach their target consumers, it is becoming increasingly important to develop relationships that are authentic for both the brand and the creator. Before deciding to implement influencer marketing into your brand communications strategy, it is crucial to identify WHY you are using the medium and goals to measure against.

Analyzing thousands of recent campaigns there are three pillars to develop a genuine, lasting relationship with creators on influencer marketing campaigns.

1) Define the Purpose

Your first key ingredient in building a positive relationship is to define the purpose of influencers in the marketing mix. Why are you ultimately going to implement influencers into your strategy? Is it because sixty percent of all brands use it? Or maybe you’ve realized that it has worked for other brands you’ve studied. Whether you’re goals are  brand awareness, favorability, or purchase intent, start by asking yourself why you chose influencer marketing and what is success.

2) Know What Works for Your Creators and Strategize Accordingly

Once you have mapped out your reasons for implementing influencer marketing into your marketing mix, the second step will be to experiment with the content and test what has worked for the creators you’ve partnered with. Ensure that all creators are verified, brand-safe, and FTC compliant via a third-party. Research the various programming to develop brand-safe creative strategies that fuel proven storytelling.

3) Do Not Plan for a One-Off Interaction

After understanding the top performers and creative strategies, the third and final step will be to sign long-term partnerships. These relationships are authentic and effective. Marketers should strive to build partnerships that are mutually beneficial. The right “influencer” will also be a creator who consistently puts forth quality content. True creators easily separate themselves from the fake accounts and bots that are casting doubt on the influencer marketing space. The creators you will inevitably want to partner with, will carry out authority on specific topics and will resonate with their audience through innovative and empowering content. Move toward building a lasting relationship with creators instead of one-off campaigns which appear inauthentic to the creator and brand’s audiences.

If you want to ensure that your relationships and strategies are working best for your brand, make sure to check out metrics and insights provided by SYLO.

Image source: Pixabay


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